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1242 SAA musuem joburg - South African Artillery exhibit Just to keep you happy and to prove I am not a total train spotter Panther tank during the battle of the Bulge, source SAA musuem joburg - Soviet APC Chieftain Shorland Patrol Car 4966 Stompie M4 Sherman, Bayeaux, Normandy 16 Tp D Sqn 3 RTR.BATUS 1980's batus 1991 Part of a turret Are tankies good drivers? 4/7RDG Simfire Trials SPTA 1975 Rheinsalen Camp - Soltau - 1984
  1. Mighty_doh_nut
    Oh look a vehicle for transporting drainpipes
  2. sexybomb
    Henry, my boy, can't you read mate??? That's just Charlie One One Echo!!!! Good old AVRE - the crew just doing some equipment husbandry whilst waiting for a CRARV to come tow them into battle :frustrated:
  3. LARD
    Your Tube? :yawnstretch:
  4. Taffnp
    Fascine crossing - lays pipes in ditches so vehicles can cross
  5. PassingBells
    Didn't they just used to use faggots instead?