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Crikey Bruce! 4205 Being a man. Autumn comes to Cheltenham Galloway This is a strict no UFO Parking Area! 4870 4947 5237 5513 5655 Jesus Saves! Arrse drills 5903 I wonder why she is smiling Tears
  1. Its_a_troop!!
    YOU! are a knob! and you post shite!
  2. Badger_Heed
    Fair point.........but, he has probably spent longer than 8 hours on exercise at a time, although he hasn't been sucked off by a 14 year old schoolboy wearing a beret shaped by Frank Spencer.
  3. Its_a_troop!!
    Hmm point taken! well i take it back, but he certainly does post shite! Dont hate the youthleaders just hate some of the ********* that are!