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Home made tattoos 4938 Missed, good job it was only an empty ammo box! The Moon 7474 Kabul . 4939 7475 Lord Drayson Visit to Afghanistan Dutch SF Commandos on patrol in Uruzgan province,Afghanistan Support Troop_51 Para Sqn_Royal Engineers_3 Para BG_Op Herrick 4_Summer 2006 Ally looking Dutch Mercedes Geländewagen,Afghanistan where's the engine gone! Combat Chess Herrick 11 - Sangin
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  2. brocky
    If no one else is going to say it I will...fantastic!
  3. SiVileServant
    B*lls of steel, blow off by his own curry!!!! :wink:
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  4. darbs
    You show me a better man than a British solider. its simple you wont.
    some shovel work there.well done that man
  6. cvrtgunner
    thats how you have to find you water when you dont get re sups