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***** with attitude bigbadjimmyp's bigbadbeagle Dolly in a Kenzo scarf Honest He was only 8 weeks old! Crabby with pussycat Ted - The Mad Border Collie Tia 4918 5361 Drum Horse (hopefully) Baby Alpaca 768 aha 1545 camo cat Skippy 2190
  1. Interceptor
    I love that this is in the 'pets' album. However, there's only one humane course of action for this animal. Leathal injection please, Nurse.
  2. gallowglass
    I'll take 'Extinct Animals' for ten points please...
  3. moman
    WTF is it real....???????
  4. eight_three
    Go on, :pig: top yourself you failed abortion
  5. dirtydave
    I see the cnut is already in the straight jacket :eye: