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me 0311Matt for the lads in chat Posing, me? Plant-pilot's been given the 'rocket' so often.... here's the proof! Wobbly coffee!  Splendid! Uncle Fester? 4882 professionalism lol me Soltau 1976 and back again 5914 DF Telic 3 me gettin ready for the sun! 7037
  1. private-joker
    it took me a while to work it out so i'll give you that much! you almost had me fooled into thinking you were worth a "tuesday night ****" but i got you, you have'nt got any ******* teeth have you? and i'm only guessing on this one but i reckon your big toes are huge and well out of proportion!........errr what you doin tuesday?
  2. Vimeiro
    Did someone rip off the other ear ring??
  3. shortshelflife
    reckon your real names kerri. got a dog called jerry and a friend called jerri! either way thanks for last night
  4. Bowser-Mong
    Now you would get it. Maybe you could make MDN straight again.
  5. buster179595
    Judging by the slope ....and what appears to be a steep downhill gradient ......... i would hazard a guess here and say ............. nice lahs baby