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  1. RTFQ
    She's got ricketts and a burgeoning gunt, but she'll still leave you because you're a fat f.uck. Sort your belt out and get down the gym. Free advice like that don't grow on trees, cochise.
  2. bigbird67
    whats a gunt?????
  3. Ozgerbobble
    Its also known as a spunkbelly love. Its a compression of two words. Work it out.
  4. bigbird67
    that's what confused me,but now i know its not a spelling mistake i will add it to my mong list of new words!!!!
  5. RTFQ
    Don't act all innocent bigbird. It's the bit of you that presses against the Greggs counter when you're drooling over the cream horns. This may be the internet, but i've got you pegged, Emberg