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salute Me and my Canadian Chums. Oh to sit and think 1400 Its Dunny goo goo us lookin fit! lol 4846 Me..... Yes, I know the sunnies are not ASOD ok!! behind the name the person Canada's awsome... :S 5711 6013 10 6756 Moi
  1. cheggarsRE
    no need for the gat, the round in the mags woulda done, yeah the 9mm on the pistol ginger blokes need to rob sun cream
  2. Geordie_Blerk
    CheggarsRE, did you fall from a conker tree as a child? I was just wondering as you appear to be retarded - you daft ****.
  3. nottinghamgirl
    hahaha fantastic comments! haha I just cant get over him being naked except for his sandals - nice! haha
  4. Idontgetit
    :D :D You guys make my cheeks ache....ditto Nottsgirl :lol:
  5. top_soldier
    I'm more worried about the freak that took the photo..............