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French Paraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh Regt Flash The Battle of Britain Monument Bond street, Waterside, Londonderry 4315 Navy Young chunt Saudi 90 4831 yes i can cook!!!. Cavalry Regiments 1920 John Frost Bridge Arnhem Cyre Precision Multicam Combat Pants AC dscn0114 This and that HMS Superb off Gibraltar Ice luge
  1. Tartan_Smudger
    The two either side are 120mm ConBAT Infantry Support Weapons, the three at the back look like the 105mm Light Gun. Meaning this picture has to date from before 1990. 1980 maybe?
  2. Rhino_Stopper
  3. sevensixtwo
    Belize 1983 if memory serves (too much ale). Patrols in the front.
  4. Mr_Creosote
    2 Para? Doing the tour they missed because of the Falklands War?
  5. L2A1
    ConBAT? You Weapon Of Magnesium Battalion Anti Tank