Spike and Gerry - Lake District
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Spike and Gerry - Lake District
  1. crabby
    Not my harness, they're not smeared in manfat
  2. Wiraman
    They do take a lot of time up with exercising. The one in blue is a retired Surrey champion working dog. The harnesses are needed to stop them leaping on me whilst driving....They may well be gay, but have not come out yet !!
  3. Cutaway
    Scarves... feck ! Have they just been on Big Gay Bob's Big Gay Boat Ride ?
  4. Wiraman
    Enough about the scarves !! It's the fecking wifes idea....she thinks their ickle 'holiday bandanas' are 'so cute'... :mad:
  5. Ozgerbobble
    Surely one way to stop the hunds diving for your schlong whilst driving would by the judicious and regular use of a Tazer or cattle prod to the snout