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  1. Gremlin
    Great Pub, I prefer the other piccie though, it's got TWO sheep in it :)
  2. hedgehog64
    Ozerbobble,was up there in November,the wizened cnut has fcuked off,it's been run by a 'nails' biker type tw@t from Lancashire. :wink:
  3. sandmanfez
    Last time I was in there Oz, it was being run by a young(ish) couple from Surrey. Sadly, she woudnt show me her wizened ****. Never mind, cant win em all! :lol:
  4. Ozgerbobble
    the wizened old cnut was a punter who sat in the corner and glared at you. He had bugger grips like Coughing Bob Phlegming and was a right grumpy old cnut. My mate commented on his amusing facial fuzz and he went for a drunken "A'll tek yis all ya bastuds" kind of way :lol:
  5. hedgehog64
    ohhhhhh THAT CNUT,Gotcha mate. :D