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Beach Buggy close to Iranian Border Sexy Beast Septics, Unite! I've got a great bedside manner... Me and my platoon a picture speaks a thousand words Im in love. 4741 Me on a Land Rover 6x6 Ambulance a young 83 me Rumpelstiltskin Desert DPM Soldier '95 Camo. Jumping across Adam & Eve on top of Tryfan North Wales me in bovi tank museum 72 6340
  1. DozyBint
    "Look at the arms" General M? So the obvious ball-sack in the apple-catchers isn't a give-away?! :? :D
  2. crazyjay
    i feel strangely horny?? :?
  3. nottinghamgirl
    8O OMG! that is wrong in so many ways. Yeah deffo got balls!
  4. Mitchthebar
    I'm amazed that nobody spotted the fact that there is a pair of balls sticking out right from the beginning.
  5. buster179595
    Feck me doctor ...worst case of Cross dressing swine flu we have had all week