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5181 5337 5409 5676 6312 Me playing Guitar GD Shadow, Kesh 79 474 The Fly you polystyrene parrot Mummys Little Soldier 2805 My granddad just before WW2    8th Regiment Infantry,Royal Netherlands Army ahh bless im that my boy with his first stripe Me climbing at Guildford 4107
  1. Geordie_Blerk
    14 Sigs Harry Regiment.
  2. badkarma
    Electronic Warfare Regiment. Never did find out what the horse was all about though.
  3. Zofo
    The white horse is the symbol of Lower Saxony where the Regt. was based in Celle.
  4. Glad_its_all_over
    And it was originally very much a stallion until a straight=laced CO took agin it.
  5. TheLordFlasheart
    14 sigs, Celle. The only time they got a shag was when the Poachers were deployed in W Belfast!! They made quite a bit of money too so I hear!