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The Wee Fella The message is simple How about this stlyish Motif for the ARRSE Angels T Shirts The up and coming ARRSE No 4 Sock! 2450 Smaller signature friendly version of the No 4 Sock! The fabulous socks in the mirror - shame about the hideous legs in the socks 4692 OP NIMBY 07 RBL & Support Our Troops Pins Mr Potato Head on a flat background Tour Badge No 4 Sock and Tie combo Rugby2 Nookie doing abit of PR for Birddog. idea for new arrse logo - the arrse poppy
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    are we in danger of churning out US style sugar coated shite?
  2. Its_a_troop!!
    this pic is old check out the thundy
  3. The-Daddy
    and the clansman handset - also BFAs are soooo warry! :roll:
  4. jobsworth
    Why is his tongue out, is he going to lick the windows????