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German 2 storey bunker VOGELSANG Tobago Fort George Small Cannons The Battle of Britain Monument Kings troop RHA Triple D again... Improvised bridge 4687 Mountain gun in mule draft 5950 Brookes brks Gurkha Bandsman, Sek Kong, 1967 Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA General shot of graves Welsh Dragon Rorkes Drift - The Farmhouse
  1. hedgehog64
    britsh FreiKorps(sp) was SS runes in top left of a George cross flag mein Herren. :D
  2. strikeforce
    No Mr. Hog, I think you'll find you are mistaken on that one, where did you hear about that? The only place I could think of seeing that would be at a Blood and Honour gig.
  3. dextrose
    Ah the flag of traitors.... :roll:
  4. strikeforce
    Yawn... traitors to who?
  5. dextrose
    If not explain why not......