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my section and our machine...
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Arrival of Napierette - 10 Jul 05 Now that was a good Party.... On Patrol 2803 Pullthrough Crabby - Do your worse... 3850 4538 sarajevo  95. 5054 Me and Elvis Patel..... 5180 ME IN GERMANY MrBenaud Look NO grey hairs No more mini skirts for you,old son
my section and our machine...
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Is that a Ferret on steroids? 8O
  2. Tartan_Terrier
    Nope, see here:
  3. sandmanfez
    Nice one Slayer, when was that picture taken?
  4. The-Daddy
    looks like a Bov
  5. SparkySteve
    Which twat backed it into the tree?