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7619 Pick out handsome boy 2 SCOTS TOS and hackle ARRSE Armistice Day Wreath 3 The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 Ok lads,there goes the rabbit.  Readddyyyyyy.............. Jacket Combat DPM Lightweight 4535 Remembering the Irish Northampton Barracks BFPO 33 Wolfenbuettel Rear of launcher 6836 7139 7620 Queens Life Guard ACC LADS MAT GULF 1975
  1. BashaBasher
    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Nazi Stealth Fighter?
  2. Its_a_troop!!
    No mate is a Horten Ho 229 h3 (flying wing) jet fighter it was too late to be put in production only 1 survives in yanky land as americans destroyed the rest so the russian coundnt get the technology! such a geek i am! 8O
    Reminds me of that Jar Jar Binks fella from Star Wars !!!
  4. RgrZeus