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Lurking.. A favourite sport! Highly trained Combat Hamster sets up MG34 in the light role during a foreign wpns lesson 1047 Resus Anne Gets Roasted Be Very Very Quite .................................. Running the MOD is like making love to a beautiful woman Hitler youth fund raising event! 4521 Dutch 5164 The Army - Priceless 6043 THE REGT Green or Yellow Slime? Look out 2 Combat Hamster giving lesson on foreign wpns - MG34
  1. Gremlin
    Wisdom of UK procurement raises some doubts...
  2. crabby
    The procurement of this vital item for improved mobility and firepower is now in doubt due to the pricetag of £3m each and production problems that have dogged the entire project that was supposed to be in service by 1912 - A BAe spokesperson said "it's not our fault"
  3. DrStealth
    after a few drinks squaddies allways end two up on the village bike but this is ridicules.
  4. strikeforce
    the goodies tribute show was missing something