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3213 The Hole 3342 How many would turn up for Tuesdays & Thursdays for one of these sessions? Pubilc House Three bags full 2 people short of a... 4480 Here is your tea comrad. Surfs Up?! 4798 Ready for some action 5201 Bible with adult warning! Mugabe's little secret We do
  1. ieatworms
    That little bastards having a shit you can see it in his eyes!
  2. Auld-Yin
    Use to be that the knee bone connected to the thigh bone - now it goes straight to the pussy 8O
  3. sexybomb
    Once again, Heather Mills took the Hokey Cokey too seriously and put 'IN' more than she bargained for!!
  4. crabby
    Paul Mccartney has once again gone for one legged pussy
  5. strings
    Apparently Heather was taken to court for cruelty to animals and the judge said "You havent got a leg to stand on"