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hey goodlooking - fnar fnar! The Army broke me, and now this is my playground - and I get paid to play here! Coffee time. Birddog and Nookie 3883 Stockers in Speedos slate this GTi PTI 4446 For PTP 4999 5397 5609 5664 me!!! the wife and I at my birthday b4 the mob arrived 6008
  1. jonny3979
    Straighten that toupee, you horibble little man! :roll:
  2. Cait
    Do you style your tache with minge mucus?? No? I do.
  3. Mighty_doh_nut
    Albert Tatlocks stunt double, are you a fan of Scotch or did you farm that bulbous nose from birth? got any whidgy shots?
  4. Bullet Sponge
    Bullet Sponge
    Nice comb over :lol:
  5. Browno
    How big is your last shit?