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Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Taukkyan cemetery Ex Ramasoon 1967 Thailand Voglezang Camp from across the range lake 1967 Rorkes Drift - British Memorial D.D.R. Logo Clean-be seen and die 4445 5043 RAOC..BARKER BKS 83 colonel CHARDS grave Tyne Cot - A Soldier of the Great War Jee Troop RAMC 1983 7527 Queen's Birthday parade, Hong Kong, 1967 HMTS Oxfordshire
  1. DozyBint
    The advert under the photo is currently "Forces Dating"! 8O
  2. counterstrike
    Ok, where's the fcuking master switch? :?
    Grrreat Camell toe's. coat, door, gone.....
  4. kravchick2000
    "Sergeant Tanner displays the latest in Personal Attack Craft."
  5. jonny3979
    Come on then, let's see you try to put a cam net over it!