parade suare /car park a hammersmith barracks herford
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parade suare /car park a hammersmith barracks herford
  1. easy-wan-kenobi
    iv stood on that spot with this picture in my hand... its ******* spooky nowt has changed...apart from the german arty guys and the flag of course!
  2. eight_three
    Easy, I know it's sad to ask but could you post a photo just to see how little it's changed.
  3. golddust
    Nothing changes. I am sure those nice chaps were there same time a sme :)
  4. semper
    how about an "after" photo so we can compare the two pics
  5. easy-wan-kenobi
    im working on the after photo, unfortunately im not in that loc anymore and its full of lazy gits who wont do my bidding