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Lord Drayson Visit to Afghanistan Dutch SF Commandos on patrol in Uruzgan province,Afghanistan Support Troop_51 Para Sqn_Royal Engineers_3 Para BG_Op Herrick 4_Summer 2006 Ally looking Dutch Mercedes Geländewagen,Afghanistan where's the engine gone! Combat Chess Herrick 11 - Sangin 4356 Troops at the gates of Buckingham Palace IED's are a pain in the ARRSE Sappers sand bagging 51 para Sqn 7515 I think that's the way home! mastifs all in a line Waiting for the chopper Stand Down
  1. Bad_Crow
    You forgot Fume extractor that is 2 thirds the way down the barrel
  2. dan_man
    I think thats a bloody good picture, shame about the glare.
  3. TheLordFlasheart
    Interceptor, it could well have been 2 Cobras, 10 EC635 etc but would they be doing so will in theatre? I'll bet the EC635 wouldnt be giving the chaps on the ground the warm fuzzy feeling when giving cover.
  4. Interceptor
    No, you're right. It's more a dig at the total number of AH we bought. 67 is starting to look a little tight, what with CTT, CTR, training, maintenance and operational commitments. I wish more money had been thrown at the problem earlier on to buy more capability. And don't get me started on the comms fit....
  5. wytchfire
    that is a lush photo - well done :)