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Bulled Boots One for the snowdrops to salivate over Bounding Overwatch French Paraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh Regt Flash The Battle of Britain Monument Bond street, Waterside, Londonderry 4315 Navy Young chunt Saudi 90 4831 yes i can cook!!!. Cavalry Regiments 1920 John Frost Bridge Arnhem Cyre Precision Multicam Combat Pants AC dscn0114
  1. crabby
    Can't be Dale's last conquest - she never marks the grave...
  2. sweatysock
    Looks like the Civvie grave at Shaibiza
  3. whocares
    Yep the bunker that the yanks 'accidently' hit full of civvies in Shaibah
  4. Interceptor
    Civvies? In Shaibah? Aren't they likely to be Muslim? So why a cross?
  5. whocares
    pre war bunker used by human shields to hold muslims, dont know why cross maybe someone felt guilty of getting it wrong (again)