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Is it still there?
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nice bang all at sea ? No Bridge To Far Dutch F-16 demo Live Night firing Some ranges up north Sprog Olympics 2005 Yorkshire Regiment Mascot and Handler 4144 4424 Another lovely day at the beach in Russia. Whew! alot of years for these 6639 7143 arrsing about bpa Random
Is it still there?
  1. maninblack
    Free Derry.....with every 5 litres of Castrol Multigrade.
  2. sandmanfez
    Feckin eejits, they've missed out an L, two Os, two Ns and a D.
  3. noremorse
    Lonsdale? I fot them woz cloves.
  4. Wija
    Still there, Tink fookers!!
  5. Londonderryairborne
    Yeah still there! next to the fookin H block Hunger strike memorial...