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Saddam's Boat - Scuppered bit of light entertainment, op telic, feb 2003 Games to play whilst bored - No 24 IED Iraq Another patrol through Basra rumaylah oilfields GET SOME 4118 4353 Aldershot bridge Broken 1 Oh Bugger! telic 1 5461 Ba'th party HQ Stryker Major cuddles dying little Iraqi girl Foden with Cobra on back - Telic 1
  1. sexybomb
    Who put Red Bull in the tank?? It's most deffo given us wings :?
  2. polar69
    Is that a Dash8 behind that wrecker ?
  3. Persian_kitten
    Afraid not polar - it's a Fokker 27 (Dash 8 has a "T" tail :wink: ).