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Me and Saddam OP TELIC 1 Things that go bang Piloting past palms Sunset, Baghdad, 31 Jan 04 - Happy New Year!! hungry? B (Champion) Company - 1 KINGS - OP TELIC 2 4013 Regimental Aid Post, Basra Palace 4326 4522 Survivors of 23C B Sqn QRL On Patrol Telic 3 storm My kinda transport Op Charge of the knights border patrol
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  2. Jacob1650
    Is this an online version of Kims game...... someone take the Para knob away and see if anyone notices.
  3. beer
    Nice gloves
  4. the_crimp_off
    Fcuking TA nobber
  5. Giblets
    He's a cook, but his missus thinks he's THE MAN! She's only seen a small cock so far.
  6. cowtipper
    This guy REALLY looks like The Baron Castleshortt 8O