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Op Granby 3028 Flying tank Blow smoke! CRAAV off loaded incorrectly AFV 438 firing Swingfire 5020 395 Who needs smoke dischargers? AS90 Display for Combat Stress collection Aug 2007 Armoured Warfare evolution Recon through the ages a real boys toy 7149 Times Graphic for the Army
  1. showman00
    Hearts and Minds! back to the drawing board!
  2. GhillieTheKid
    hay what no ones realised is that, thats the forth stone hees throwing, the first 3 took out the machine gunners.
  3. sandmanfez
    Thats a .50 on the front. Presumably, its remote controlled, as you'd never reach it from either hatch.
  4. SPSnoMore
    Hard twat!!
  5. showman00
    1 Samuel 17:1-51 "David and Goliath," story first time it was told was somewhere round about the same place but the orgional David would have been a conscript inside the tank