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1360 Arrival of Napierette - 10 Jul 05 Now that was a good Party.... On Patrol 2803 Pullthrough Crabby - Do your worse... 3850 4538 sarajevo  95. 5054 Me and Elvis Patel..... 5180 ME IN GERMANY MrBenaud Look NO grey hairs
  1. Moon_Monkey_Spunk
    get your sideis up, lose the hat and get some spot cream you orrible ginger cnut,
  2. Jammy66
    Fuckin buskers
  3. TankiesYank
    Hey C_J, I'm going over to Huggy Bear's house later if you want me to drop that hat off for you. :D
  4. Chief_Joseph
  5. Kaye
    Suddenly " Brokeback Mountain" springs to mind... :x