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  1. Legs
    I could reccommend a good Dentist if you like....
  2. Ronnie8781
    Next stop for the sunshine variety bus??
  3. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    And what the hell is wrong with using a cut in half 55 gallon drum for your barbeque?
  4. sexybomb
    Slight correction Hitler - Not to nitpick, but you'll find that it's a 45 (UK) gallon drum (or 205 litres @ 1 gallon = 4.546 l) and if it's cut in arf, it's only a 22 gallon drum 8O Not that it has any more use for holding anything apart from coal, burgers and sausages :roll: See, we can all learn something useless everyday. We’re not too old to be edumicated - Stay 8)
  5. oznabruckshark
    I think im in love ................with the fosters tent.