Chinese Soldiers in 1937, before the Battle of Shanghai
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Chinese Soldiers in 1937, before the Battle of Shanghai
  1. Gunny Highway
  2. Chief_Joseph
    They were actually good soldiers, they received training from Wehrmacht advisors. They had german infantry weapons also. What they didn't have were tanks, planes, or a navy.
  3. DrStealth
    the japanese army slaughted them didnt they?
  4. Legs
    They could have sized off first...
  5. Chief_Joseph
    DrStealth, yes they did. Like I said, they had no air support, no armour support, and they were being shelled by the IJN. Add to this the fact that Chiang Kai-Shek was actively trying to purge his best troops because he believed that if they were too good, they might overthrow him. I Think these blokes are from the 88th division, which survived the battle of Shanghai by digging in at the Sihang warehouse.