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readyfourzero on holiday in NW Oz 1269 The Lash Recently Man test Me and my Bros... 2807 Paveway_3 just before he starts 1 1/2 hours of puking 3585 Telic8 4549 HK 1970? 4820 5341 Me, yay, aren't I the epitome of wide eyed bushy tailed youthful enthusiasm! My Helmet Too cheap for a gimp mask
  1. Geordie_Blerk
    The sporting bit was the 75 knot winds on the DZ. :D
  2. Awol
    Has his head blown off??
  3. the_crimp_off
    LLP! Puff, get a PX4 on your back and wear ill-fitting lightweights, halfway up your shins.
  4. Dread
    The new LLP:the frizbee of the sky. And where is your container? Looks as though the Crabs kicked you out nice and high as well.
  5. Tels_Muppet
    fcuk that! hes just seen an officer, he'll salute in the next pic!