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Big n Daft Alaska - Sister of Loki Mr Neo 3578 Stumpy retiral 4815 Windsor the Dog My Wee Boy BAN FOX HUNTING cockerel 6911 Thick or what? Neo The Strensal Pigeon STUMPY- Look at the ba's on him
  1. theoriginalphantom
    thats a nasty growth on the poodles bum
  2. slick
    The hairstyles are the same
  3. Furryturd
    Are you Dale Winton's hairdresser?
  4. the_crimp_off
    One puts the lotion on the skin or one gets the hose again! Precious! Oh Precious!
  5. polar69
    Baaaa baaaaa baaaa , "Oi you ....SILENCE" :p