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1395 1428 Goatman, Telic One This is my Faceparty disguise The FAME/JSART team Dad in The Field kiss my fat arse! 3566 3881 DAK 5210 5396 5608 CDT CJ 5744
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    yes it does look like Kuwait you big timing soft skinned landy driving, susatless nonce.
  2. RFUK
    You're not even wearing body armour you REMF cnut. Do a real tour!
  3. Taffnp
    is it Cyprus ?
  4. threaders-vm
    looks like you have drank at least a pint of p*ss in that one noddo!
  5. elnoddo
    RFUK im wearing ECBA with a green cover.