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Canadians with SA80? The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 2801 Slovenian EOD in Bosnia Little old ladies- Dont be fooled! SOE agents - 2years behind lines WW2 3497 Dutchbat Lebanon ops reunion... Stalwart Troop Paderborn Missile over Utah Pipers at Fitzroy TA100 Freedom of the city Parade, Southampton 21.6.08 6873 7141 7199 7621
  1. Interceptor
    Isn't a b-day used to rinse your arrse?
  2. Sarge
    Which poor bstard got the one on the end
  3. the_crimp_off
    Chromed muzzle brakes! I'll wager they've never rained hot, steel, death down on ragheads.
  4. Sixty
    Would be a ****** of a shot if they had. That's Stirling Castle.
  5. kravchick2000
    Can we put a flash suppressor on it?