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1696 motley crew Outside Troop Hanger Falklands 1987 Taken in 1987 outside Troop hanger in the Falklands 2945 Parachuting Branntwein 3470 My BC & BK ala The Krays Ronnie & Reggie East German border watchtower 7121 Ballooning 7441 dscn0116 Devils head ice luge VC-10 inflight refuelling over Iraq
  1. SillySubby
    GSUOTC, is that your best effort at a gun troop? :p
  2. sandmanfez
    YOU! fatarse with your back to the camera, get your bloody hair cut!
  3. BeastAppreciationSociety.
    she's a bird, in the AGC education corps now.
  4. Cutaway
    I didn't know Eric Cartman was in the OTC.