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Drone A man alone and vunerable 6089 6552 6553 MG42/3 3404 SLR, the new rifle. 6758 7287 Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt Rifle No.1 mk.III 95th Foot circa 1854 Northover Projector Hogleg Vickers MG, Manchester Regt, Troodos Cyprus 1937
  1. convoy_cock
    When will the lad at the back realise that white boys and dreadlocks just don't go
  2. BRMoore
    "CPL?" "yes" "I've just realised my map reading went wrong cpl" "what!?" "were in a huge open field with no cover cpl" "thats fine just pretend you a footballer with an injury cryin for mommy the referee will dish red cards to anyone who shoots you while your down"