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ni gasworks 5 4954 ATO @ work ni gasworks 6 crossmaglen gasworks ni 7 LYNX - DROP OFF & **** OFF 3305 2 Plt, A Coy, 1 R ANGLIAN, MASONIC PB gasworks ni 8 SUGARLOAF gasworks ni 9 gasworks ni 10 In Memory Of back of gch andersons town
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  2. TheLordFlasheart
    Dont mention it. Glad to be of service.
  3. shamrock
    excellant photo. a bit off base with the armed thing :?
  4. strings
    This I think was the later version of Heli Tele which I operated as a ground controller back in the late 70,s
  5. TheLordFlasheart
    Heli Tele in a Gaz?? You'd barely be able to fit the screen in the front let alone the three hundred weight of crap that would go in the back. Lynx = Helitele, Gaz = Finch
  6. Mighty_doh_nut
    Gaz = Finch and men who eat quiche and sport ridiculous freddie mercury moustaches.