And heres one for all you truckers out there !!!
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Entrance to living accommodation in Princess Mary Barrack, Singapore St. Luke's Church in Abbottabad Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA The Last Tree. 1599 Templer Bks - Lecture Theatre 2724 3281 3335 film setting 17th SS 5541 What'sThis? Running gear Rob the walt para dog 6846 7253
And heres one for all you truckers out there !!!
  1. LoneTree
    Well ,, :roll: I thought it,ll float someones boat :D
  2. BlackHand
    I was hoping for 11GB27 :?
  3. Legs
    Wasn't 11GB27 a forklift?
  4. CrustyBmech
    It's a Foden 16 Tonner 8x4 cargo (early one with luxury fibre glass cab) 38 Sqn made loads of claims in these things on BAOR Freight.If you really want the TPs, PM me.
  5. soutie
    Thanks CB,where did they get the "6" from?