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Joint Security Area South Korea 4094 Watch out for tramlines there matey! 5872 6674 Bomb Squad Redneck SF 3265 The Fish-Head's new Smart missile system, 4095 Hair Trigger 4258 Evil Hood or Sgt Billy Hill? Low Flying Harrier LOF wikipedia the girls like our big guns ;)
  1. Auld-Yin
    Poor drill but very good drills 8)
  2. pentwyn
    love him he needs some tlc
  3. sandmanfez
    Tlc? what he needs Pentwyn, is to ream you out with his bayonet, and I dont mean his beef one.
  4. Bad_Crow
    Slick drills my son. I used to be able to do that! Then i started falling over and breaking noses!
  5. sexybomb
    New meaning of a 'Pass-out Parade'