32 FEET!!!!!

C130 low fly past
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4889 Telic8 havin a blaw in baghdaddy Desert patrol water replen 03 Crossing the border, arse twitch time Welcome home Get on the tank ? We thought you said Get on and have a **** !! 32 FEET!!!!! Home's that way 4223 Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.... Basrah International Airport B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4890 Is that an MPGS Capbadge ob egypt after entering basra
C130 low fly past
  1. bandofblubbers
    bloody crabs - another great dz :evil:
  2. black_maskers
    boll** its an inflatable held up by those two strings off the warrior....probably!
  3. stormtrooper
    didn't someone have a bit of a headache that last time they played this game
  4. sexybomb
    Will the cnut with the tripod get outta the way, we're trying to make an approach - don't you read the FOD posters???
  5. Welburn75