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Captain_Crusty at Barrybudden camp BATUS 1986. 3062 The top and bottom of my uniform ;) me receiving from gen.filasere' my para wings. 5053 me 6097 The only pic of me in uniform - and it's a tiny one. Blewbury Centre - Post hack pose Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82 Milan Sect, B Coy, 1PWO, Bosina '93 (Op Grapple 2) weapons training at Barrybudden camp HVM Boy's Gash What the F..K am I doing here
  1. trg21
    Drop by and see.
  2. sandmanfez
    Ooo, is that a formal invite? shall I RSVP? will there be roadkill and eyesight threatening moonshine on the menu? redneck etiquette, its all a mystery to me.
  3. trg21
    All these things and more!You'll probably like so much That you just have to hang around.In fact you'll be hooked.
  4. Sway
    It's Tony Bliar - and he's feckin' armed. Run!!
  5. sandmanfez
    You still ripping up the local wildlife in an inhumane and irresponsible manner then Cletus? :roll: