3 PARA sniper

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Stand Down 7365 Herrick 7 CLP C Coy, 3 PARA in Zumbeley contact. WMIK patrol in Nowzad Securing the HLS Between Gereshk and FOB Rob 3 PARA sniper Troops going into outskirts of Musaqula Mud pies Incoming tracer from DHSKer. Members of 3 Para mortars in kajaki WMIK & Viking patrol TLZ Patrol, Bastion 7219 Top route selection
    looks that will break a thousand hearts.aye right
  2. pippin
    Now I know why they say...Up the Paras! :D
  3. BigCon6409
    I wouldnt worry about identity... photo was taken by Times snapper in Gereshk, Op Herrick 4, Summer 2006.... the pics already done the rounds and some!
  4. Ubique_john
    i know him well i know him off the telly hes that south african fellah
  5. MrMcNaul
    yeah thats what i was thinking lol thought i recognised him