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Rarden Modification 105 Combat Supplies 87 IJLB September 1981 one platoon of 10 Autumn 05 TA Officer Recruitment Advert the mysterious rotorin the pentagon? Firemans strike first time 2986 3853 on top of 7.62 Hill in Albania 2006 Scimitar On exercise at aldershot 6877 Army Winter Biathlon 2009 - on the firing line The Chelsea Pensioners, Remembrance Day '09 Tawi in a former life
  1. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    "The battalion Sgt Major wasn't impressed with the midget recruits now going through training"
  2. Gun_Doc
    what cap badge is that?
  3. Cloggie
    Cap badge of the ESSU (Egg Sunny Side UP)Regiment