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My Hero's - Well I didn't get shot Marines visiting Fallujah 2005 2923 SCOTS GD LAD Garden 4222 A day in the life........ Notice Anything Whats Still Around? The old Admin building Ally Bloke B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4889 Telic8 havin a blaw in baghdaddy Desert patrol water replen 03 Crossing the border, arse twitch time Welcome home
  1. sedanman32
    Who lived in a house like that......Its over to you Daviiid
  2. Freddie_Dynamite
    Thats not TELIC - all squaddies are issued desert kit 8O
  3. sedanman32
    This and the previous indeed as you say are not telic. I just posted them in the wrong place :roll:
  4. wez155
    to object! I wore green kit continuosly on Telic 6