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JHF building B Sqn QRL On Patrol 5401 Last night in Iraq Camel Spider M3 Bridge What shall I put in my Sandwich today? 2879 MARPAT and ACU 4221 Chinnok landing Telic V Camp 4 B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4886 Gimp Night Basra Apod 2004 H4H's doughty Hero bear during a recent excursion to COB Basra ( Close protection detail)
  1. Henry_Tombs
    naaa! it's a tank.
  2. polar69
  3. Oracle
  4. WhiteHorse
    T55, T54 has no fume extractor
  5. sexybomb
    Get that furkin tractor orf moy furkin laaand!!! :twisted: