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238 (London) Sig Sqn Ceremonial Staff Davros 1271 1481 Glad_its_all_over in a rare smart moment ARRSE The night was still younger than me 2809 Sponsored walk evidence 2 3458 Working Hard? Fcuk it, come on lads, i want ABUSE! yaterspoon with rifle 4717 6111 I ONLY ASKED!
  1. Idontgetit
    Ditto Anya5268 :wink:
  2. FiveAlpha
    A lovely smile? His ******* teeth are made of wooden sugarpuffs!
  3. Idontgetit
    5Alpha,who kicked your kennel ? Just shut it. He looks a damned sight better than you ever sound.
  4. Mighty_doh_nut
    A soldier passing comment on a soldier..... You should be herded back into your kennel you howling growler.
  5. FiveAlpha
    Idontgetit - shhhhh, you've nowt to say and you're saying it too loud. You gopping civvy no-mark ****. Do you want to tongue his Bosnian teeth?