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  1. Cloggie
    FluffyBunny you crack me really! :D Btw, the beret is not too small,our badges are just too ******* big ! yes,we are jealous of your cap badges!! :cry:
  2. medman82
    press studs on jackets and zippers on pockets. Do the dutch not have buttons ? or is that bitch Cinderella holding him to ransom
  3. G_D_Q_D_G
    why would these walts wana step foot outside there houses lookin ass ragged as the picture shows...just look like TW@ts
  4. Gremlin
    G_D_Q_D_G - wind your neck in, you are not even in the Army yet sprog
  5. the_crimp_off
    More civvies calling blokes walts? C_D_Q_D_G you're a ****. Cloggie is a soldier albeit a Dutch, shlong smoking, one. Kill yourself.