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  1. Cloggie
    Since when is a Diemaco C-8 considdered as a made up weapon?Why do you think the SAS preferred it over your shitty SA80's And yes,we Dutch think this webbing is shite too :cry:
  2. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    you look like a startled rabbit!!
  3. ready_wait_ready
    well said Bad_crow, totally agree with everything you said. I too am crushed by the "hat" remark. truly it's cuts me to the bone.
  4. cvrtgunner
    oooooo betty :slow: :slow:
  5. Jumping Jack
    Jumping Jack
    Cloggie you do put pics up and then get upset at the comments. Anyway...the Germans just called and said they are not scared enough to give your bikes back.Maar een oranje!!! :eek:)