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Stumpy at rest after a hard day at the office.BBK Another boring day in the Office! Me with 2 Peshmerga Fighters in Irbil Iraq. copterman Eat my dust Rocketeer's C.O. and Adt. Now that what  I call real camouflage 2804 THIS SHOULD BE GOOD Capt Plume does CIMIC me at home in oz pre iraq down with work! 3904 Stoatman and Cloggie with the ARRSE Caravanning Club Billy Big Timer Spooning at 13,500 ft. handsome legionaire in calvi..1996
  1. gemill
    what the feck is that walt mong hiding behind a pallet thats not going to stop a sneeze never mind a round posing twat
  2. Cloggie
    If you would've read the previous posts,you could know that you're pretty much too late with your comments to be original. You airsofter!!
  3. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    Pipster, when you see a window, do you get the urge to lick it? Read back your comments on here and on ARRSE.
  4. ready_wait_ready
    gemill thank you for making me fall off my chair with laughter!
  5. Croque_Monsieur
    Welkom bij ARRSE Cloggie :D , er zijn niet veel Nederlanders op dit site denk ik!