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Yes thats his going out shirt...... Low Five Welly in downtown Da'nang,  get some, get some who am i? As requested by Flowers and OB - Slate away!! 2250 Party Hat 2732 Pull the trigger! polar69 marathon mile 17 3763 Hulme's Sexy Beast Tower of London 94 at rest, me in iraq Catalouge pose, modeling the latest in jungle wear
  1. Henry_Tombs
    I suspect that geography isnt pipster's strong point, just stick to the sensible shoes and tweed suits dear. :roll:
  2. pipster
    what bout geogrphy just beaware if i have mlrs lol
  3. stormtrooper
    keep the shamagh on, pants off will be fine!
  4. Goatman
    Pipster - Bravo Zulu for having the nuts to post at all - and I for one have always loved the punky hair you do President Servalan impressions for an encore ? !!
  5. pipster
    my hair does punk at best times